they just HAVE to kiss.

I came across these cute little felt magnets that are stitched with adorable eyes and lips. Whenever you put the "He" + "She" together, they can't fight the kiss. Perfect for gifts, wedding favors, or just because. Unfortunately this item sold out on Etsy but I'm sure they aren't difficult to make. There's only one way to find out, right?

wall circles.

Does anyone know how much embroidery circles cost? I believe that's what was used to create this wall of circles. I want to use some black and white damask or houndstooth scrapbook paper for the background of one of the big circles and then paint the smaller inner circles yellow and grey. Love this! And so unique too.

                                        [as seen here]

new uses for old things.

Go purse-less. One binder clip can hold a bit of cash and your house key when you're out for a morning run.

Its pancake batter!--in an easy squeeze ketchup bottle for perfect 'pouring'.

Make sparklers safe and fun for little ones to hold by using Play-Doh containers.

An eco-friendly way to pack snacks!

[Images + Inspiration Courtsey of Real Simple]

spool of thread.

I can see these atop a dresser in a new baby's room or lined up on a sunny windowsill. Someone please remind me to start searching for old wooden spools of thread! Thrift/antique shops, here I come.

pantry envy.

I think this pantry speaks for itself. And if it doesn't, I'm sure every single clear, sealed jar does. Wow.

tufted headboard.

There's nothing fancy about the quilt or pillows on this bed, yet it still looks so crisp and elegant. And I swear there is something about tufted headboards that make a girl feel like a princess. My favorite thing though, is that the two lamps don't match. Not even close! But look at how beautiful and put together the room looks nonetheless. Love it!

i have a thing for gray.

This photograph makes me wish I'd purchased a gray couch instead of a brown one...