succulent bouquet.

Succulents and mustard yellow blooms. Do bouquets really get any better than this?

pine cones.

I had no idea that pine cones opened up like this. Did you?

I honestly thought there were just different types of pine cones and that some opened up & some didn't. Maybe that's true too? Either way, I am picking up the next one I see and immediately popping it into the microwave. So beautiful.

black not white.

I never in my wildest dreams would ever have planned to paint the interiors of my future home black.

Until now.

Aren't these rooms gorgeous?! Not dark or gothic looking at all. It's like black nail polish, if worn with the right attitude + accessories, its flawlessly chic. The closet is so freaking dreamy. I think it would feel like getting dressed in a boutique everyday with that beautiful mirror and the white tiled floors. Officially future home wish listed.

shower curtain.

How could you not enjoy each + every shower in lovely London, Paris or Venice? In addition to these Burke Decor curtains, I will also take that clawfoot tub. Thanks.

succulent teacup garden.

I fell in love with succulents after buying one at the farmer's market last month. Now I'm in love with this cute little garden of succulents. Let the search for adorable teacups begin!

[image source]

these lanterns.

These would be perfect just inside or outside your front door at any time of year. Love the warm light!

this sitting room.

How is it possible that so many unique pieces can look so perfect together? I mean seriously, there is a pink chair next to an orange chair plus a side of purple flowers. Add in the black fireplace and aqua blue pillow on the couch...looks amazing!

this toothbrush.

I hate the thought of anything dirty touching the bristles of my toothbrush.

[Confession: in all seriousness, I don't want to have roommates ever again just in the off chance that they get mad at me and swab my toothbrush against something disgusting. This has never happened to me--at least I hope!--but it's just a fear I have].

So this toothbrush would be perfect! It stays upright and will never fall over (if you lay it down flat it will wobble it's way back up!). 

telegrams in this century.

My family has the Titanic board game (it did not cost $99 when we bought it!) and one of my favorite things about playing is that you get telegrams with little messages about what is going on "back home". As Legends of America put it " ... for almost a century and a half, messages of joy, sorrow and success came in those hand-delivered yellow envelopes."

And now with email + cell phones, the telegram is a thing of the past. But it doesn't have to be. Personally I'm planning to send one of these special messages to my bff who has been in Greece for the last year...STOPs and all!

via Swissmiss

these walnut boats.

Check out these super cute decorative walnut boats. I love anything DIY and these are super easy. Plus empty walnut shells means that someone has to eat the walnuts and I definitely wouldn't mind volunteering for that. Yum!

these poison apples.

Okay, these apples aren't really poisonous. But don't they look just like something out of a story?! If you ask me, Snow White was poisoned by an apple that looked just like these. I found this recipe over at The Hive and now I'm dying to make them to display. Knowing my luck they won't turn out perfectly glossy like these but a girl can try right?

This is such a neat DIY calendar.
It's basically a large frame and a ton of Post-It's with the glass replaced over the top. Then you can just write w/dry erase markers + wipe off the glass. I love simple projects like this!



There is a beautiful wedding being featured all over but I saw it here and completely fell in love with this ring. Love it.

new kind of pumpkin patch.

One of my lovely bff's Janie makes the cutest stuff. She is a crafter extraordinaire. I keep telling her to set up an Etsy account so that everyone can see all of her creations all the time, so maybe now she will. :] Anyway, yesterday she sent me an email with these pictures of her little pumpkin patch. Aren't they adorable?

They would look perfect above a fireplace mantle, a front step, a table centerpiece...pretty much anywhere if you ask me! 

If you are interested in purchasing these cuties or anything else Janie might be creating, let me know and I will get you her contact info. 

salmon sweets.

I really wish I had the time to sit down and put beautiful pieces of jewelry together. The creative possibilities are endless. Someday. For now I am happy admiring the totally cool creations of other people like lilyja.

Love these!

how beautiful homes.

I am so excited for the day that I'll have a space of my own to design and decorate however I please. But each day I become more + more convinced that I am going to need:
a) more than 1 house 
b) multiple storage sheds in my backyard for all of the pieces I'll be constantly buying/re-arranging

Oh and a very patient, easy going hubbers. 



Why is that Anthropologie (more than I'm typically willing to pay for clothing) always has the best cardigans? I am very much in love with this one. I am pretty sure it would match with every single thing in my closet, so maybe its worth the investment...we'll see.

sweater wreath.

Isn't this sweater inspired wreath the cutest?! Just looking at it makes me want to cuddle up next to a window in thick, fuzzy socks with a mug of hot cocoa in one hand + an old classic in the other.

half heel, half slouch.

I think these beauties pretty much speak for themselves, don't you?
Now, if I could only find a pair that cost about $300 cheaper...

they just HAVE to kiss.

I came across these cute little felt magnets that are stitched with adorable eyes and lips. Whenever you put the "He" + "She" together, they can't fight the kiss. Perfect for gifts, wedding favors, or just because. Unfortunately this item sold out on Etsy but I'm sure they aren't difficult to make. There's only one way to find out, right?